Callaham Stratocaster Tremolo Block


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Callaham Vibrato / Tremolo Replacement Blocks (2006 enhanced)

includes 3 stainless steel top plate screws.

All of our tremolo blocks are machined from cold rolled non-leaded U.S.A steel and threaded for 10-32 English threaded arms.

When the vibrato bridge was first designed in 1954, it had a machined steel inertia block for the simple reason it gave the instrument the required sustain and harmonic content. Over the years, manufacturers have continuously made this part more inferior in order to cut costs. We manufacture an exact replacement block for stripped original bridges and it can be retrofitted onto any reissue instrument giving a dramatic increase in both sustain and frequency response. We manufacture basically 6 different blocks: An exact replacement block for those who need them, the enhanced vintage repro block, a block for modern American Standard bridges, a block for American Deluxe Series bridges, and a block for the Made in Mexico Standard series.

For Enhanced tremolo blocks we suggest one of our three virtual pop-in arms although any 3/16 DIA 10-32 English threaded arm can be used in our blocks. Using our proprietary enhanced block makes any arm virtually unbreakable.