Frequently Asked Questions

Need an amp or pedal repaired?

Yes, we do offer amp and pedal repair, whether full valve, hybrid or solid state guitar or bass amps, PA amps or mixers and preamps. We offer effects pedal, whether stomp box or rack mount format, repair too.

What does a PLEK setup involve?

PLEK is a computer-controlled machine that can perform incredibly accurate scans of frets and fretboards, fret dressing and recrowns, nut and bridge cutting, and fretboard planning. It can even cut fret slots and neck pockets. It allows the operator unprecedented control when working on any of these procedures, resulting in a level of precision not achievable by hand. PLEK is powered by an extremely powerful software suite that gives the operator an exact insight into what a guitar neck is actually doing before laying a tool on it. The operator can then use the Virtual Fretdress function to superimpose any corrective work onto the neck measurements on screen before deciding to go ahead and work on the actual instrument.

Does a re-fret include a PLEK setup?


Do we offer guitar collections or deliveries?

Yes, that being said, you are also welcome to send your guitar to us with your own chosen trusted courier.

Packing a guitar for shipment to us is an important step. Please de-tune the guitar to remove all tension from the strings. A hard case is always recommended, when a hard case is not to hand a gig bag will do with a good amount of cardboard to protect your pride and joy.

Do I need to book an appointment to bring my guitar in for a setup/PLEK/refret?

Simply pop by the shop and we can take it from there. Feel free to call us and arrange a time that suits you.

I’d like my guitar body refinished in Aged Vintage White Nitrocellulose Lacquer, can you help?

Yes we can, for a professional finish, there is a waiting list. Call us for info on lead times.

Do we buy guitars?

We offer a 20% commision rate (which, by the way, is the lowest in London) although in certain scenarios we might recommend part exchanging the item.

Is there parking space available?

Sometimes on a meter out front of the shop, yes. There are many car parks in Kingston a short walk away.

We are a 3 minute walk from Hampton Wick station and a 10 minute walk from Kingston.

Can we do custom wiring and pickup installation?

Absolutely, whatever wiring combo you require, we can do.

Do we sell guitars for beginners or children?

Yes we do, we have stock of beginner guitars from just £99 and amps from £59. We also carry stock of half-sized and three-quarter sized guitars for little hands.

Does this shop have anything to do with Chandler Guitars that used to be in Kew?

Yes, Charlie was the head honcho of the repair department at Chandler Guitars. Charlie has been heading Guitar Experience since 2003.