Lindy Fralin Blues Special Single Coil Pickup Set for Strats®



This Lindy Fralin Blues Special Tele Set is sold as Stock and contains the following:

Blues Special Tele Neck with Stock Wind, as below.
Blues Special Tele Bridge with Stock Stagger.

Blues Special Tele® Style NECK

Wound to 7.5K with staggered magnets and 5% more turns. This pickup is bright and strong.

Blues Special Tele® Style BRIDGE

Wound with 42 gauge Polynylon to 7.3K for 5% more power and 5% darker than stock sound.


Tele Replacement Style Bridges are offered in three magnet staggers and a Steel Poled version. The three stagger styles are flat poles (Broadcaster), flat with a raised D magnet (Hybrid), and stock stagger.

Please contact us if you require a variation on the Stock Set.