Callaham Vintage Narrow Strat Bridge Assembly – Limited Production –


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Limited Production Callaham Narrow Strat Bridge Assemblies

Every bridge is hand checked for arm fit and smoothness.

Callaham tremolo block 2006 enhanced with 3 stainless steel top plate screws
Callaham “64” Virtual Pop-in stainless steel tremolo arm with tip is stock. Our other 2 length arms can be substituted at no additional cost but you must specify at time of order.

(Please specify mint green or parchment white tip otherwise parchment white will be sent.)
Callaham precision machined top plate
Callaham 6 Vintage styled stamped steel “CG” saddles for 2 1/16 spaced bridges with stainless steel screws and springs
6 hardened pivot mounting screws
5 tremolo springs
Claw with 2 stainless steel screws
allen wrench

V/N Model: This is a complete assembly that has vintage 2 7/32 (56mm) mounting spacing but with the narrow 2 1/16 string spacing. It will fit any body with vintage mounting. It is specifically for those who have the E strings too close to the edge of the fretboard or use humbucking pickups. Your strings will now be better positioned on the neck and line up over the poles of humbucking pickups.

Mexican Std Model: This is a complete assembly that is a direct replacement on Mexican Standard Guitars. It has a 2 1/16 string spacing and a 2 1/16 mounting spacing. And will work with any guitar with a 2 1/16 mounting spacing. It does not need to be a Fender guitar. If you have 2 1/16 mounting and a 1 3/4 body with vintage style routing, it will work.

Naturally both models are made using the exact same materials and construction as our Vintage S model Strat Bridge.