The New Klon KTR


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Bill Finnegan’s very own reworking of his legendary Klon Centaur, handmade in the USA

The New Klon KTR’s transparent, touch sensitive voicing gives you access to a dynamic range similar to a boutique tube amp

The ideal overdrive or lead boost, the perfect complement for both clean and driven tube amps

Simple 3-control layout:

Gain: dial in your desired level of boost or drive

Treble: control your signal’s top end for added bite or rounded warmth

Output: set to govern your KTR’s volume

Strictly limited quantities available

We have in stock the latest version of the New Klon KTR, incorporating newly sourced clipping diodes which Bill Finnegan confirms meet his stringent quality control requirements. He talks about the new pedal in this Music Radar article from 8th September, 2021