ProCo RAT2 “Rhod-Mod”


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New Old Stock RAT2 circa 2008 which has been gently massaged to extract more of everything from that classic circuit you know and love.
The same distortion character but with more gain, more volume, more is more.

This is the classic RAT tone. The standard that all other distortion devices are measured against. Heard on thousands of recordings, it has helped define the sound of the past three decade’s most influential bands, now modded in-house here at Charlie Chandler’s Guitar Experience.

100% analog signal path
Pro Co’s classic, virtually indestructible steel enclosure
Heavy-duty, industrial footswitches, knobs, and jacks
On/Off LED indicator
Sloped face for easy stomping
Glow in the dark graphics
Military-spec glass-epoxy circuit board
AC jack (Power supply sold separately)
“No tools required” battery compartment (9 volt not included).

Uprated componentry.
Uprated switch.
Socketed with an LM741 chip.
Some other secret ingredients thrown in for good measure.