Lindy Fralin Stock Replacement Pickup Set for Tele



This Lindy Fralin Stock Tele Pickup Set is sold as Stock and inclues the following:

Stock Tele Replacement Style Neck Pickup with Chrome Cover
Stock Tele Replacement Style Bridge Pickup with Stock Wind and Stock Stagger.

Please see below for a description of the range of Stock Tele pickups available from lindy Fralin

Stock Tele® Replacement Style NECK

Wound to 7 K with 43 gauge Plain Enamel wire. Bright, clear and classic. Comes with chrome cover. Hybrid magnets (an extended D pole out the bottom) are available. This pickup can also be overwound 2% overstock. We don’t recommend anything hotter with a cover on it.

NOTE: Both the metal cover and over winding make the pickup darker in tone, so covers are available only on our stock neck for Teles.

Stock Tele® Replacement Style BRIDGE

Wound with 42 gauge Plain Enamel wire to approximately 6.6k (8,800 turns). This pickup is also available slightly overwound @ 2% over (approx 6.8k) and 5% over (approx 7k).


Tele Replacement Style Bridges are offered in three magnet staggers and a Steel Poled version. The three stagger styles are flat poles (Broadcaster), flat with a raised D magnet (Hybrid), and stock stagger.