Fender USA AVRI 57 Stratocaster reissue Blonde Ash, Callaham #V190880


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Excellent condition

Complete with Fender Tweed Case featuring original accessories (see below)

Ash body

One piece maple V profile neck

7.25″ vintage radius board with 21 vintage frets

Frets are in very good condition with minimum wear

No damage or lacquer cracks

Pickups are the original American Vintage spec set

3 position pickup selector traditional blade switch (modern style 5 position selector switch, unopened, included in the case)

Master volume, middle pickup tone, neck pickup tone controls

Vintage style machine heads

Callaham cold rolled steel vintage tremolo mounting block fitted

Callaham Fender length Vibrato Arm

Tweed Case includes the following accessories: (see images)

Bridge cover plate, trem cavity backplate, Fender vintage style cable, 5-way selector switch, tags, manual

Weighs 8.08lbs