Toadworks Roundabout Turbo Loop Switcher


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Credit: ToadWorks:
Similar to the standard Roundabout, the Turbo version is a True-Bypass mechanical switching device designed for both effect and amp switching. In addition to it’s functions as a True-Bypass box, as an effect loop switcher, or as an amp/guitar switcher (without the annoying “pop”!), Roundabout Turbo provides the ability to re-route signal path on the fly, effectively reversing the series order of the loops. There is no active circuitry in this device; the battery only powers the LEDs.

ToadWorks Roundabout Turbo has been designed to offer the maximum versatility in series loop switching, without altering your tone. Roundabout Turbo has been tested with dozens of new & vintage effects and amplifiers. Send your signal wherever you like with confidence.

Condition used. All our pedals may have signs of use including velcro on te bottom, these will be shown as best as possible in the photos.