Takamine LTD 2004


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Rare guitar – Each year takamine cretaes limited run top crafted instruments available only for that year on small numbers.

Made in Japan

Good condition, has some minor dings on the body and wear on the back of the neck.

Woodwork depicts the two titans of the northern skies, Draco the Dragon and Ursa Major the Great Bear, caught in their eternal vigil around the celestial pole. The rosette of the LTD2004 contains the constellation stars placed exactly as they are in the night sky, and the sound hole label inside the guitar continues the “sky map” completing the northern axis of the heavens. The fretboard is adorned with a swirling cascade of stars marking the traditional fret positions.

Natural gloss finish
Solid sitka spruce top
Solid indian Rosewood back and sides
Ebony finger board
Rosewood bridge with two piece saddle for improved intonation
CT4B Electronics
Takamine logo Gotoh machine heads with pearloid buttons
Hiscox hard case