Swift Pedals 7 loop switcher

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Offers total control. Seven true bypass loops and a master switch.
With seven loops on this unit you may never need to step on your effects pedals again and the master overrides all loops and takes you clean to the amp.

Depth: 90mm
Height: 55mm at highest point.
Jack location: All jacks rear face, power jack side face.

LED colour:
7 Loops: red
Master: green

Inside – neutrik jacks, alpha silver plated wires, silver solder.
Heavy duty 3PDT foot switch, 9VDC negative earth. Jack socket powers LED only.

We are pedal makers and musicians located in Cheshire England. All true bypass looper units are hand made by one individual from start to finish and carry a unique serial number denoting the individual who built the true bypass looper and the date of manufacture.

All pedals have a tough powder coated paint finish in midnight blue and are silk screen printed.
All jacks are Neutrik.
All signal carrying wire is Alpha Silver plated 22 AWG for the best possible tone.
All earths grounded with Alpha 24 AWG copper wire.
Hardwired point to point.
All pedals tested with a meter and through an amp with a full pedal board setup.
And if that’s not enough, if you want anything bigger than 10 loops – let us know by e-mail or phone and we will be sure to help!

Custom enclosures exclusively made for Swift with a sloping front face, just at the right angle to allow easy rocking on your heel rather than the usual flat topped enclosure.
Small flanges incorporated into the enclosure to allow the pedal to be easily screwed onto your pedal board – a neater, stronger method than Velcro and you don’t mess up the bottom face of your pedal.
All enclosure holes laser drilled for dead-eye accuracy.
4% silver solder used throughout.
Ultra bright LED’s.
Unique serial number on each pedal.
All units built with 9V neg earth jack (Boss type) and a 9V battery option (except the SL1 –case too small on this pedal).When the DC power jack is used – battery automatically off.

Youtube video here: