Rocktron All Access Touring Model MIDI Foot Controller With HEX Controller


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Limited edition version with attached HEX pedal which can be rotated to be positioned at different angles.

Comes boxed with power supply

Does not have cable going from HEx expression pedal to controller unit.

Has one small indentation between switches numbers 1 and 2, other than that it is in excellent condition (see pictures)

• Sturdy extruded aluminum chassis
• 18 long lasting, heavy duty switches
• Backlit switch indicators for better visibility in poor lighting conditions
• Large 16 character fluorescent display
• Two continuous control pedal ports
• 7-pin MIDI Out jack allows for phantom power from your rack
• MIDI dump/load
• MIDI filtering
• Ability to link many units together
• Three different modes of operation – Bank, Song and Remote
• 120 presets, each of which can perform
– up to 16 program change commands
– up to 15 control changes
– up to 5 other MIDI commands
– system exclusive message up to 30 bytes in length