Rhodium Electronics Fuzz ARF66 Germanium NKT275


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New circuit layout based on NKT275 germanium transistors Made in USA in the 90’s, more of a Vox Tonebender MKII reissue sound with two germanium transistors, tweaked to allow more of a consistent fuzz signal and tasty tones than basic fuzzface configuration, considering these NKT275 are transistors made in USA back in the 90’s; we made them more stable and longer sustain, delaying its frizzling signal out, and getting more clarity when rolled off guitar volume to cleanup signal.

This is a ToniBender MKII revision 1.5 by Rhodium Electronics. Germanium NKT275 low leakage, setup with internal biasing trimmer, which would take your from fuzzface to Zonk machine tones or Schaller fuzz, but still with ToneBender dynamic responses at the background.

This unit works with a PSU 9 volts negative tip. Battery free.

Do not share same power source with modern effects pedals in your pedalboard, it requires true-isolated PSU station.