Rainger FX Son of Freakenstein


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This is a stripped-down version of the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz DrFF-3. It has the same full-on distortion circuit, housed in its own original design steel desk-type enclosure, and with true bypass footswitching.

The Son Of Freakenstein has a thick fuzz sound with lots of low-end, and with a harmonic overtone effect that’s altered by turning the ‘OSC’ knob on the upper panel (between the input and output sockets). Or alternatively plug an expression pedal in the “EXP. PEDAL’ socket and you control it precisely with your rocker pedal controller, for phaser-like sweeps and fast zips. It can also be controlled by an Igor pressure pad foot-controller – as seen on the DrFF-3 page (NOTE this one has a 1/4” jackplug however, and does not come with the Son Of Freakenstein unless specially requested). The range and intensity of the overtone is also changed by throwing the knifeswitch on the top panel to ‘Hi’ or ‘Lo; it’s either in-your-face and edgy, or more ‘within’ the sound and lower pitched.