Lollar P-90 Dog Ear Style Pickup


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The P-90 everyone is talking about. Scatter wound pickup with de-gaussed Alnico 5 bar magnets. A fatter P-90 tone with smoother treble. Sounds like an old P-90 rather than a new pickup that still has some hard edges. Great for fat clean tone or harder driving rock with more grind.

Neck and bridge will be equal, or bridge slightly hotter when playing single notes.

Sold separately, or available in matched 2 or 3 piece sets.

RWRP sets for hum-canceling operation.

Single conductor, braided shield lead wire.

Available in black or creme pickup covers.
Neck 8.2K, Middle 8.73K, Bridge 9.1K

PLEASE NOTE: Shims are used to adjust the height of dog ear pickups. Some guitars can benefit from using a shim if the neck angle on the guitar places the pickup too far away from the strings. Bridge pickups should be typically set around 1/8″ from the stings and the neck around 3/16″ to 1/4″ from the strings. Actual placement must be set by ear and varies from player to player. Before ordering, read the section below “Important Notes on Dog Ear Sizing.” If you need to order shims for your pickup please contact us.