Klein 1969 Epic Series Stratocaster Pickups with Vintage Bevel (Used)


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This set was installed very briefly into a guitar for demonstration purposes and have hardly been used.

Original Fender Alloy Alnico 5 Magnets From 1969.

42ga Plain Enamel Wire is the most authentic and accurate Magnet Wire Available. 1969 42ga Plain Enamel wire for the 1969 Spec is ONLY USED ON THE 1969 Models. Authentic as it can possibly get.

“Flash Potted” to avoid microphonic squeal but still retains the natural characteristics just like original pickups.

Output Neck 5.9k, Middle 6.0k, Bridge 5.8k

Vintage bevel magnets

Sold exactly as seen in the pictures, does not come with screws and srpings or box lid