Greco SG-350T Made in Japan Fujijen (early 1970’s)


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1970’s Fujijen-production guitar

Mahogany body with bolt on mahogany neck

Rosewood fingerboard

Twin humbuckers, Kluson-style tuners

Bigsby-style vibrato

Weight 8.4lbs approx

Not a direct copy of the real thing but plenty of garagey coolness going on here, could be described as a cross between an SG and the fabled Guild S-100. The body is deeper than a regular SG, measuring approx 4cm in depth, which seems to add a warmth and chime to this guitar’s tone that might otherwise be lacking in modern authorised copies. Very attractive mutliple binding on the headstock, a lovely dark rosewood fingerboard, the ‘Bigsby’ clone vibrato competes with the real deal too.