Fender Made in Japan TLC-62B Bound Edge Custom Telecaster 62 Reissue (1985)


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Sought after and with plenty of rock ‘n’ roll mojo, a TLC62B from the earliest era of Japanese Fender production.

Basswood body, slim maple neck with genuine rosewood fingerboard, 7.25 Radius.

Frets in good condition, evidence of wear on the first few frets but plays cleanly without audible buzz.

Bridge pickup swapped out for a Seymour Duncan Hot Stack.

Neck pickup is the original ‘Red bobbin’ type.

Bridge features replacement brass saddles rather than steel.

At one time the guitar was modded to accommodate modern machine heads and a second string tree; the second tree was removed long ago and the original machine heads retrofitted with converter bushings.

More images of the changes, including images verifying the neck date and an ‘under the hood’ shots also available.