Emma Electronic RF-1 ReezaFRATzitz


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Condition: used, velcro on the underside.

Based on the Tube Sound Fuzz.

The bias switches between class B and class A amplifier operation.

With the gain and treble rolled back, there are also smooth low-gain lead and rhythm sounds on tap.

The effects pedals with the strangest names of all times come from Arhus in beautiful Denmark which is a small, fine effect forge that produces high-quality effect pedals in small series. The Reeza FRATzitz is a versatile distortion pedal with the most comprehensive control possibilities. The distortion is very dynamic and Amp like, unique is the Bias Pot with which the character of the distortion can be controlled steplessly between brilliant, dynamic Class A sound and oppressive Class A / B punch. With the effective 2 band tone control, the basic sound can easily be adapted to different amps and guitars. The bypass circuit is realised via a high-quality buffer – from Emma aptly called “untrue bypass”.