Cornell Rambler Custom 15 1×12 combo


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15 watts class A point to point UK handwired combo
EL84 power tubes
ECC83s in the pre-amp
Valve rectifier GZ34
12″ Celestion Vintage 30
Solid pine cabinet in “black crocodile” finish
Accutronics spring reverb
Onboard 3-stage attenuator
Setting A is full output, an old school 15w capable of handling most live gig set ups
B drops the output to 3w enabling earlier breakup
C is attenuated down to 1w

Tonally, when played clean this amp offers up a Fender-like response coupled with dynamics and warmth more akin to a Vox or Hiwatt
When driven, you enter classic vintage Marshallesque territory where the amp cooks up a rich, touch sensitive crunch

Footswitch included
Roqsolid amp cover included