Tone shaper for Strat


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What’s a ToneShaper?
It’s the red thing in the image above – a wiring product that installs in your guitar quickly – with no batteries, no modifications to the guitar, and typically no soldering. It replaces the stock electronic circuit, and is built with the same industry-standard brands of pots, switches, and jacks that premium American guitar companies have been using for years. We have them to fit many popular guitars.

So, do ToneShaper products make the installation of your guitar’s electronics easier? Yes, absolutely. But they also offer a revolutionary amount of flexibility in the circuit, making it easy to adjust or fine-tune the function of the controls, in order to suit your tastes and needs.

ToneShaper replaces your Strat’s stock wiring, quickly and easily, without soldering. It provides increased flexibility that you cannot get with any other product. Cool switching options. Customizable tone controls. Built-in solutions for dealing with treble loss that happens when you turn down your volume control. Simple installation, simple operation, top-quality components.

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