Rickenbacker Model 1997 ‘Rose Morris’ UK Export (1967)


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Hard to find and dispensing much Maximum R’n’B mojo

Original 1967 Rickenbacker 1997 Model

One owner since 1978 (contemporary purchase receipt included)

All original spec

Twin Toaster Top Pickups

Ric Vibrato System

21 frets

‘F’ soundhole unique to UK Market Rickenbackers of the period

Non-original case

Weighs in at just 6.9 lbs

This rare Rickenbacker chimes and rings out in a way that only these guitars can, the vibrato system, although primitive, holds its tuning better than many other units including some modern examples.  While this is a player grade guitar, with evidence of wear in the form of buckle rash on the body’s reverse,  overall condition is good for its age and when you play it, you can feel the history.