Peavey Basic 60


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The Peavey Basic model solid-state bass amps were produced from the early ’80s throughout the ’90s, and, like all Peavey amplifiers, their durability is highly touted. The Peavey Basic 60 is one of the final models of the Peavey Basic amplifier line to be produced.

The Peavey Basic 60 has a pair of inputs on the left side of its front panel: a low gain input and a high gain input. To the right of that is a pair of knobs, pre and post gain, controlling the amp’s gain stage, as well as a “bright” switch that changes the sonic character of the amp. To the right of the gain section is the equalisation section, with low, mid, high and presence controls. Beside the equalisation section are two more jacks, a pre out and a power in, and next to these is a headphones jack.

Purchased in 1988, this example comes with the original invoice, documentation, troubleshooting guide, Peavey catalogue and even two original stickers.