Dunlop Uni-Vibe UV-1 Chorus/Vibrato Leslie Rotating Speaker Pedal


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Chorus Vibrato
The Dunlop Uni-Vibe delivers the original Uni-Vibe circuit design, using hand matched photoresistors, a long-life incandescent lamp, and custom light shielding to protect sonic integrity. The durable brushed stainless steel housing protects the control knobs from accidental contact during play. Top notch components are employed throughout, assuring silent switching, low noise and extended service life.

The Chorus mode sounds thick, phasey, and much like a rotating speaker. The Vibrato mode actually modulates the pitch of the played note, delivering a cool “quivering” texture to your sound. In either mode, the Speed, Volume and Intensity knobs let you twist and turn your sound in to a new dimension.